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Exercise to maintain your muscle mass

If you maintain your muscle, you will reap a whole world of benefits. First, maintaining your muscle mass helps your body to burn calories.

It gives your body a nice shape with curves and contours in the right places. Muscles also help your body regulates its sugar.

Muscles keep you fit and strong to carry loads of groceries and lift those huge weights at work. Muscles also helps you fight diseases and recover from injuries fast. These are spot on motivations for you to go on exercising.

And what’s more? Those physical fitness trainings keep you disciplined. This discipline you can also adopt to rein yourself on those impulses to bit and eat those culprit foods.

Exercises make you feel great about your body too. This feeling keeps you energetic and lively. Positive feelings will also elicit positive energies from you to people around you.

This will help you focus on your journey to burning down your fats rather than falling defeated by what a friend, colleague or foe says and losing the zest to fighting through in the process.

Focus on the quality of your exercises not its quantity. You could lift some weights, run some miles, hoist, push or pull some objects or attend some group exercise classes. Swimming is a great exercise to build your muscles too.

No matter the form of your exercise, your body would definitely gain from it.

If you are already doing exercises that strengthens you, keep it up. Challenge yourself with other kinds of routine and exercises once in a while to change things up.


So to burn those body fats, its extremely important to cut down those caloric intakes. The key is to ensure calories in are less than calories out.

You will make this happen first through proper dieting and then through exercise or a combination of the two but not either one or the other.

And remember, when it comes to reducing your calories which in turn will reduce your fat bulges, diet plays a much larger role than exercise does.

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